Welcome! These are the official rules and terms for having your setting showcased on my YouTube channel, WriterPunk!

How it works
Once a month, I will showcase a specific aspect of a well-developed fantasy fiction setting on my channel. This could be your magic system, noble house genealogies, the history of a particular country or general history of the world, an overview of a particular fictional religion, deity, or pantheon, a unique method of communication or transportation — the possibilities are endless! You may include any attached art, games, works of fiction, or similar materials in your submission.*

At the end of the video, I will give my impression, any suggestions for improvements I have or a new perspective based on what I learned. This does not include any sort of rating (stars, marks out of ten, etc) or comparison against other settings. From now on, I will refer to this part of the video as the “review” for ease of reference.

Do I have to be a professional to be accepted?
No! I am very interested in supporting independent, amateur, and semi-professional worldbuilders alike. As long as your setting is reasonably well-developed (think a month or two of work), I would be happy to showcase it.

Is this only for fiction writers or can straight-up worldbuilders or gamemakers/dungeonmasters apply, too?
As long as it’s fantasy and original, anyone is welcome to apply!

Submission Rules

  1. Your submission must demonstrably be an original work of fantasy fiction. Subgenre is unimportant. Absolutely no fanfiction. Submissions set within open-world settings, such as Dungeons and Dragons, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. I will not accept submissions that include any depictions of real-world events since the year 2000, nor that reference real-life people, politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, or similar in any capacity, living or dead.
  3. I am required to follow YouTube’s Terms of Service if I would like to remain on YouTube. Therefore, please review YouTube’s content guidelines before submitting. I will not accept submissions that violate or could be construed as violating YouTube’s guidelines.
  4. I am wary of settings that include:
    1. Witchcraft is Satanism! Or, Paganism is Satanism!
    2. Nazis (Space Nazis, Wizard Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Nazis but they’re Communist…you get the idea)
    3. “[Real-world religion or social/political belief] is the cause of all our strife or is the only thing that can save us!”
    4. Hate crimes, slurs, or hate speech against real-world groups or individuals as a focal or recurring topic of the submission 

Terms and Conditions

  1. You reserve the right to have your episode pulled from the channel at any time, for any reason. Please send an email to with the subject line “Request for removal: Video Title” (Example: Request for removal: Finding Middle Ground in Middle Earth: Treaties, Trade Deals, and More)
  2. Before recording audio I will email you the script so there are no surprises. I will do my best to honor timely requests to edit aspects of the script where warranted.
  3. I reserve the right to decline submissions I do not think I can showcase accurately, that I do not believe were made in good faith, or that I believe violate YouTube’s community guidelines.
  4. Accepted submissions will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If I am unable to reach you within two weeks to confirm details, I may cancel or stop work on your episode.
  5. I cannot promise you a specific watch time, number of viewers, followers, subscribers, customers, or any other metric based on your participation in this series. I usually aim for around 10-15 minutes per video. If you read this all the way through, please enter “Mango” in the “password” box on the application form (it is case sensitive!).

My videos are not monetized. I do not have any sponsorships, affiliate links, or any other means of financial gain from creating these videos. Please remember this is purely for fun. All said, I hope to see your submission soon!

*I’m not an artist/musicican but I want to include art/music. Can I?
As long as you own the artwork or music you want to include, by all means, send it! Commissioned works are acceptable with credit to the original artist. Music is an especially touchy area on YouTube, so unless you get written permission from the artist to have it included, I will not put it in the video. The same goes for all images whether they are drawn, modeled, or photographed.

Pixabay has an immense offering of free-to-use stock photos, so I encourage you to look there if you want specific visuals. Some image authors do require credit to use their photos, so please notate that somewhere (ideally as the image’s file name).

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