Hey everybody, it’s WriterPunk! As the title says, this video is about my writing goals for November and surveying what I accomplished in October. First, I wanted to announce that three more of my flash fiction pieces from Thirty-Three Tales of War have been picked up by Worldbuilding Magazine! You will be able to read them totally free in the Trades and Occupations issue that comes out the first week of December. I really cannot recommend this magazine enough for speculative fiction writers; the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into each issue from their team is truly inspiring.

Anyway, let’s get on to October wins and fails!

Wrapping Up October

I did not end up finishing Godblind by Anna Stephens this month, so I will be moving that one to November’s goals. I also did not write a new article, so I will take my licks and add one on for November as well.

My first win is that I completed chapters 9, 11, and 12 of Marrow, totaling 13,653 words across six scenes. If this trend continues I can expect the final seven scenes to add another high-fifteen to low-sixteen thousand words, leaving me with a grand total of just under 75,000 words, which is not bad for a first draft of mine. I have been described as a chronic under-writer, so my drafts tend to get longer each go-around. My best guess is that a totally-finished Marrow after second-draft rewrites and third-draft revising will sit somewhere at or near 95,000 to 100,000 words, but I would be shocked if it became any longer than that.

My second goal was to write at least one new flash fiction piece for Thirty-Three Tales of War, which I did end up meeting! For new viewers, Thirty-Three explores the Candrish Civil War through the eyes of anonymous individuals who are mired in the day-to-day consequences of such a large-scale conflict. You can read the ones I have available on my website or in select issues of Worldbuilding Magazine. The piece I completed this month followed the Minstrel, and it ended up being a lot darker than I originally intended, but I suppose that’s a hazard of doing business as a dark fantasy writer. I will likely submit this one to Worldbuilding Magazine in the future, so I can’t say anything else!

The next goal I met was to upload one more YouTube video, which I well surpassed by adding three! I’m not sure if this last one counts as a “win”, but I am working on the second illustration for 33TOW now. I recorded this on Halloween, so I’ll go ahead and give myself a point.

Speaking of November, let’s talk about my new goals for the month!

My first goal is to complete Marrow.

I will not be competing in NaNoWriMo this year because I will be moving cross-country toward the end of the month, and preparing for and making the move will eat up a significant portion of my time. I only have seven scenes left in Marrow making up two chapters, so instead, I am going to focus on finishing that. My overall goal for the year was to complete Marrow anyway, so it’s best I don’t distract myself.

For those who don’t know, Marrow is about a magically gifted artisan who gets wrapped up in a lot of political intrigue and espionage. I did a whole video about it on October 15 and spoke about it a little in last month’s Goals video, both of which I’ll put in the cards above.

Read Godblind by Anna Stephens

This is a carryover from last month so I won’t go into too much detail about it again. Suffice to say it’s a grimdark fantasy novel with ten point-of-view characters and deals with the return of the “red gods”, who are portrayed as evil entities. I did end up making it to chapter four, but that’s nowhere near even a quarter of the way through.

Add One New Article to Website

Also a carryover goal. I don’t want to get too complicated with things in the interest of making it through this move. Finishing Marrow is also my main priority. 


I may end up drawing another 33TOW illustration or I may not, but I’m quite invested in finishing the headshots I’ve been doing of Marrow’s main cast.

Work on…The Secret Series!

I am writing a bunch of scripts for a series of videos that will be posted to my channel, but I don’t want to say too much about it yet! These will probably be a bit longer at around 15:00 each, but I hope that the information within them will be useful.

For You

I think all that just about sums my goals for the month up! But before you go, don’t forget to answer this week’s Weekly Topic!

1. What are your creative goals for November?

2. Have you made any recent breakthroughs that you want to share?

3. What’s your favourite thing that you wrote in October?

4. What are you most looking forward to writing this week?

Journal it, think about it, send it as a comment, keep it to yourself, do whatever you like! I always appreciate your comments, likes, and subscriptions. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you sometime soon! 

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